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Article introduction

Protein is human body indispensible material, it is concerning of life survive, do not have life without protein. Want to assure the nutrition of the body in the life, absorb with respect to need a large number of1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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protein, common contain protein food to have an egg kind, shrimp of the flesh, fish, grandma kind, legume, firm fruit, the content of protein of every kinds of material is different, absorb protein to assure balanced, want to be absorbed according to scale, so what does the cookbook with 100 protein grams have?

The cookbook with 100 protein grams


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Draw together:

Animal albumen

1. animal sacrificeSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The grandma of cultivate, wait for; like grandma of milk, sheep, mare’s milk

2. livestock meat, wait for; like ox, sheep, pork

3. birds flesh, wait for; like chicken, duck, goose, quail, ostrich

4. egg kind, wait like egg of egg, duck’s egg, quail reach the; such as fish, shrimp, crab

Vegetable protein

1. big legume, include soya bean, big lima-bean and black soya bean to wait, among them the nutrient value with soya bean is highest.

2. does fruit: Sesame seed, melon seeds, walnut, almond, pine nut.

The cookbook with 100 protein grams

3. helix alga

Content list

The content of because all sorts of food are medium amino acid, sort that contains amino acid each different, and other nutriment (adipose, candy, mineral, vitamin) content is not identical also.

Contain the flesh with most protein kind food is chicken, every 100 grams contain 23.3 grams. Containing the plant food with most protein is soya bean, every 100 grams contain 36.3 grams; among them helix alga because its peculiar alga blue albumen, be considered as natural protein consequently kind protein content is highest in food.

Nutrient value

In food with legume, earthnut, flesh kind, breast kind, egg kind, piscine shrimp kind contain protein taller, and corn content is less, in vegetable fruit fewer. Human body depends on not only to protein need protein content, and still depend on the sort that indispensible and amino acid contains in protein and scale1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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. Because what animal protein contains the sort of amino acid and proportion relatively accord with human body need, so animal sex protein compares plant sex protein nutrient value is high.

In plant sex food, place of rice, flour contains protein to lack lysine, legume protein lacks egg ammonia acid and Guang ammonia sick at heart, reason edible mixes sexual food to have complementary function, raise the utilization rate of mixture protein, if again compensatory and right amount animal sex is protein, can rise prandial in protein nutrient value. Although the protein content in person breast, ox breast, egg relativelyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Low, but the indispensible and amino acid that they contain is measured basically with human body conform to, nutrient value is so higher.

The cookbook with 100 protein grams

Edible method

Protein food price all commonner commissariat price is high, can use the food with a few kinds of low prices to mix together, raise protein the utilization rate in the body, for example, the crude price of pure edible corn is worth1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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For 60% , wheat is 67% , soya bean is 64% , if these 3 kinds of food, the edible after mixing in proportion, protein utilization rate can be amounted to 77% .

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