The person that Fujian already reported AIDS patient and virus are affected in all 4899

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In occupying, new network reports, 5 days, deputy office of hall of Fujian Province sanitation grows Chen Wen to add divulge, up to on August 31, the person that Fujian Province accumulative total reports AIDS virus is affected and AIDS patient altogether are 4899, among them AIDS patient 2232, die 108爱上海同城

7. The person that the AIDS virus that survives now is affected and AIDS patient altogether are 3812.

Chen Wen is added is as above is made when accepting special report of net of Chinese Fujian governm上海夜网论坛

ent denotive. That day morning, c上海贵族宝贝论坛

hen Wen is added ” communal sanitation serves ” undertake online communicating with the netizen. Chen Wen is added still disclose, complete province accumulative total treats AIDS patient 2422, treating at present have 2098.

He introduces, current, AIDS transmits a way to basically have 3, the first way is sexual contact transm上海同城对对碰交友社区

ission, the 2nd way is haemal transmission, the 3rd way is mother baby transmission.

He thinks, carry out currently ” 4 avoid one care ” a be pair of AIDS patients very effective, very good policy.

According to introducing, “4 avoid ” offer the curative that fights AIDS virus freely to taste namely, offer what seek advice and sift first freely to detect, the treatment that provides precautionary AIDS Mu Ying freely to travel to the pregnant woman that contracts AIDS virus and seek advice, when the orphan of the AIDS patient bequeath to be badly off and the minor that contract AIDS virus accept compulsory education, avoid collect incidental expenses and textbook fee. “One consideration ” the limits that the person t上海龙凤论坛sh1f

hat show the AIDS virus that will be badly off is affected and patient bring into governmental minister, according to the country concerned regulation gives the life to relieve; Help 阿爱上海同城

the person that the AIDS virus of hold productivity is affected and patient actively, pursue relevant manufacturing job; Prevent the discrimination of the person that affect to AIDS and AIDS patient. (Long Min)

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