Constant Dalian add moves 8 times to counter-purchase a stock to cost appraise of 5.9 billion hurried to be worth regression reasonable

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Share price went up recently the constant with swift and violent situation is big, counter-purchase with great quantity again. On April 25, chinese constant is big (HK.3333) release announcement to say, with add up to about 1.966 billion HK dollar is counter-purchased exceed stock of 215 million companies.

The data shows, go up lunar end up to now, constant already was finished 8 times greatly counter-purchase, amount is close 5.9 billion HK dollar, close to counter-purchase 675 million in all, become harbor of be worthy of the name counter-purchase king. On March 29, constant opens up greatly endowment 220 million HK dollar counter-purchases a company 33.7 million; April 13 months, counter-purchase about 203 million with 1.736 billion HK dollar; On April 18, counter-purchase about ninety-five million three hundred and sixty-four thousand with 816 million HK dollar; On April 19, counter-purchase 6270 爱上海同城手机版

with 545 million HK dollar; On April 20, with 125 million co上海夜网论坛

unter-purchase a company forteen million one hundred and eighteen thousand; On April 21, counter-purchase 15.78 million with 143 million HK dollar; On April 24, counter-purchase stock of about 37 million companies with 324 million HK dollar.

The personage inside course of study thinks, constant mostly time counter-purchase with great quantity, mirrorred administrative layer to last to good faith to company foreground; Go up objectively to also bring strong support for share price.

Reporter discovery, constant big share price is behaved since this year strong all the time, especially a month, ceaseless refresh history is new tall, share price is top on April 25 ever amounted to 9.32 HK dollar, receive a reply 9.25 HK dollar, litre exceed 5% . The beginning of the year up to now, its go up panel height is amounted to most probably, it is expression stresses a stock most.

The regression of market prise hopeful that constant is underestimated greatly is reasonable. Analytic personage thinks, the sea in be being co上海千花网论坛

mpared, 10 thousand divisions are equal dimensions room look forward to, bridal chamber look forward to the market prise of one elder brother all the time on the low side. In recent years, accomplishment of constant great undertaking lasts dovish to good, strategic clarity, be chased after consequently by investor hold in both hands. To appearing on the market as capital market the appraise of the company is worth logic more reasonable, constant big hopeful opens value to rise further passageway.

Data shows, constant ranked industry first place with 373.4 billion yuan of sale greatly 2016. End 2016 the end of the year, its cash balance is amounted to three hundred and four billion three hundred and thirty million, grow nearly 9 to become compared to the same period; Land reserve is as high as 229 million to make the same score, effective lock decides prospective outstanding achievement. Notable is, constant already was in greatly layout of 209 cities of countrywide is close 600 projects, exceed 70% projects to be located in city of line of just a little among them, potential of 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

outstanding achievement growth is great, predict to pressure of 500 billion yuan of sales is finished inside year not quite.

The reporter still understands, in constant big outstanding achievement specification was met 2016 on, layer of constant bassoon manage expresses clearly, will repay this year the sustainable debt of 2/3,上海千花社区

hopeful promotes the promotion of partner profit.

Analyst of trade having ticket tells爱上海同城

a reporter, connect as Shanghai harbor, the fall to the ground that deep harbor opens, will more inland capital enters field of harbor stock market, and outback investor is familiar appear on the market in harbor bibcock company will be benefited most. From constant big this round of share price goes up greatly in light of, the predicament that its are underestimated will get defeating solving. Drive in bibcock effect, the appraise value with great constant still has tremendous rise latent capacity.

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