In endowment exceed 15 billion to purchase the club outside the condition Beijing intermediary: ? Didn’t   archives gallop?

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Chinese financial group favors all the more in recent years abroad sports industry, even if be,be in the football club of deficit condition all the year round. According to not complete count, from 2014 up to now, our country flows to abroad capital because of purchasing club of the football outside the condition to had exceeded 15 billion yuan of RMBs. The transaction of domestic sth used to one’s own advantage causes the vigilance of superintendency branch, from last year the end of the year begins, department of Commerce, hair changes appoint, much branch of exchange control bureau, Central Bank begins to superintend overseas investment heat strictly, the move that asks 50 million dollar reachs above leaves the country business must win special approval.

3 years of 15 billion investment is overseas football club

On July 18, the country develops innovation appoint hold a press conference, hair change appoint politics grind Cheng of Yan Peng of spokesman of room director, news expresses, concerned branch will continue to pay close attention to the domain such as club of industry of city of estate, hotel, shadow, entertainment, sports to be not reason to invest the tendency external, be on guard to invest a risk external, suggest concerned enterprise is careful and decision-making.

Public data shows, since 2014, chinese financial group generates strong interest to foreign sports club. In July 2014, join forces 10 thousand fill international sports to developed a company to purchase club of Holand The Hague with the price of 8 million euro 100% equity. In September 2015, 10 thousand amounted to the price with 45 million euro to buy Madrid athletics the equity of 20% . And produce abroad sports and buy the time with unusually fervent case paragraph appeared 2016, come to will be shared in August from January 10 become a shareholder or buy declare, among them literary work is the greatest is medium management of Europe sports investment is senior promoted limited company to purchase club of Italian AC Milan with the price of 520 million euro the equity of 99.93% ; It is Su Ning bought international Milan with the price of 270 million euro next the equity of 70% .

According to not complete count, from 2014 up to now, at least the equity of club of 15 abroad footballs is bought by Chinese capital, always expend capital to exceed 15 billion yuan of RMBs.

According to be familiar with the personage introduction of sports industry, abroad football club has management in order rarely, and great majority is in deficit condition, be close to closing down even.

Deficit is abroad the club is bought along He Ye

Well-known, capital pursues interest, but Chinese capital sheds door going abroad to爱上海龙凤419桑拿

buy 爱上海同城手机版

in succession however on the edge of the abroad football club that close down, receive an awful mess, make a person incomprehensible quite. Have market 上海贵族宝贝

personage doubt, this kind of club is connected European oneself are managed bad, how is a foreign company managed well? But Chinese capital is none hesitant however the ground will be big silver throws a foreigner, and it is him unfamiliar mostly industry. Market personage points out, investment needs get one’s own back, purchase the abroad football club that is in deficit condition with great quantity, broke capital to chase the nature of benefit, its investment motive is suspectable.

On July 18 evening, the look forward to in attention of key of column of CCTV news 1+1 is not rational investment external. Pine of compere white cliff quizs: Su Ning group is contributive 270 million euro accuses an international Milan, latter is successive already 5 years of deficit, total loss specified number amounts to 275.9 million euro, for what is such buying after all? Yin Zhongli of researcher of institute of finance of company division courtyard expresses: If be him enterprise it what money does is OK that what money does, the problem is money not be oneself. These orgnaization churchyard are indebted rate is very high, they are being taken from the bank borrowed, money that comes from be in harmony of other finance orgnaization, in abroad prodigal, buy property, once,invest outside the condition error, this meeting increases the financial risk of churchyard, give him himself gild. Before this, pan Gongsheng of director of bureau of foreign currency of Central Bank assistant president, country develops high-level forum in China ever pointed out on annual meeting 2017, one year Chinese enterprise overseas purchased club of a lot of footballs last year, there is no lack of to pack next move asset in what invest directly among them.

Abroad a person of extraordinary powers is bought whether should explain to the shareholder

Appear on the market the company purchases abroad football club more cause investor doubt: Whether to approbate through all shareholder? Whether had undertaken explanatory to the shareholder? As we have learned, at present A the company that abroad football club enlists to buy in the company still has Ao Ruijin, palmy share, Lei Man share.

Su Ning accuses a response of Sun Weimin of group vice president to say, I also had seen the story of CCTV, su Ning is right of the country invest industrial policy to support stoutly external. Industrial strategy of Su Ning is base oneself upon from beginning to end the development at home market, of overseas market extending is the need that the service admits at home market. Sun Weimin also emphasizes, on the foundation of club of football of home of operation Su Ning, the company invests international Milan, it is for experience of abroad of be used to of more thorough geoscience on one hand, introduce advanced administrative technology and training system, promote domestic football the standard; On the other hand, also be the international consequence that relies on international Milan to promote Suningpin the brand, strong drive Su Ning of retail network abroad extend, more businesslike region goes to the product that makes China abroad.

Much branch is superintended strictly abroad buy an item

Relevant section has noticed the risk with overseas hot investment, mention sports industry to be not rational investment for many times among them. Last year in December, hair change appoint, Department of Commerce, Central Bank and bureau of national exchange control issue give public notice continuously, the reason of a few blame that states already close attention is in club of city of estate, hotel, shadow, recreation, sports to wait for a domain to appear to the near future invests the tendency external. The country Feburary 21 does a press conference newly this year, city of tall tiger of minister of Department of Commerce mentioned partial enterprise to be not reason to invest be related of abroad sports club. Below the setting that invests rapid growth external, partial enterprise also reveals an a few problems in the process of investment external, for instance some enterprises are begun blame advocate those who be not reason is course of study, big invest external, the domain such as club of industry of city of blind investment estate, hotel, shadow, entertainment, sports, put in the risk hidden trouble with bigger move. Concern a section for this decisive take step, undertake actively introductory, be opposite by concerned regulation the authenticity of the project, add up to compasses sex to undertake examine and verify, make the company invests external more careful, more hasten reason.

This year March, the Central Bank is curule successive also propaganda to the enemy at the front line is abroad investment. Coulee of week of Central Bank president expresses on two meetings news briefing, invest to there is no lack of among them external the sentiment that has one part overheat, and the industrial policy that invests external with our country asks to be not accorded with, invest a few sports, recreation, club for instance, also do not have too big gain to China, still caused outside at the same time a few complain. Accordingly, the policy guidance that has fixed rate is necessary, also have effect.

Have observer discovery, to in endowment buy abroad sports property, the manner of the爱上海同城论坛

outside is producing change sadly.

Civil / Zhao Xinpei of our newspaper reporter


Superintendency branch is layer upon layer examine and approve cross condition buy capital how to be run

As the decrease quickly and is not rational investment partly occurrence of foreign exchange reserve, the bottom gave priority to force with exchange control branch 2016, include to send change appoint, Department of Commerce and Central Bank inside superintendency branch begins to strengthen what invest external to Chinese enterprise to examine superintend. The country invests the change of policy to gave condition of the remit outside the enterprise to bring very great difficulty undoubtedly ext阿拉爱上海同城

ernal. Golden arrangement became condition foreign capital to cross condition buy the chief difficult problem in trading. Through the analysis recently of a few models cross condition buy case, the origin that can discover gold of condition foreign capital basically has inside outside protecting, borrow, the loan outside the condition, double money is planted fund offers gold of condition foreign capital, equity to make over the loan outside paragraph and large stockholder situation to wait.


If the enterprise obtains ODI letter, can be related the course after the branch is examined and approve, legal ground changes own reserves collect collect outside the condition. This one process involves 4 link: Hair change appoint project approving of project of the investment outside be in charge of pair of conditions is examined and approve, take the utility of capital and rationality seriously very much. Usually, the capital number that financial condition of requirement churchyard company proves is more than or be equal to amount of the investment outside the condition. Department of Commerce is in charge of investing destination of scope of operations of structure, investment, investment to whether be to the company outside the condition did not establish diplomatic relations country, whether be restrict the particular investment such as kind of industry to item undertakes examination or put on record, the investment outside signing and issue Chinese company condition approves letter. Tubal bureau is in charge of undertaking putting on record to capital remit investing outside churchyard company condition outside. The bank is in charge of churchyard enterprise exchanging foreign currency remit to reach company of the ground floor outside the condition with the RMB in churchyard, or the RMB direct remit reachs company of the ground floor outside the condition.

Link of the any in these 4 important segment needs to accord with superintendency requirement, cross the 4 capital after closing to be able to leave the country smoothly.

Outside be being protected inside, borrow

Outside be being protected inside, borrow, saying simply is churchyard is done assure, loan is put outside the condition. After security puts ready money in churchyard branch directly (or offer other assure content) , churchyard branch is offerred to the branch outside the condition protect case to perhaps reserve L/C, the branch outside th上海千花网

e condition provides loan to borrower. As we have learned, fall in the superintendency state that accuses to pour out of at present, to inside the examination that outside protecting, borrows also gets strict superintendency. Security and borrower need to have related concern, had better be 100% accuse. But, have some of operation in fact at present nonexistent related concern, the kind that opposes an agreement through signing era however will generate related concern of the surface.

The simplest inside outside protecting, borrow participating in just is 4: Domestic company A, domestic bank B, foreign bank C, foreign enterprise D. The purpose is to should realize B to be opposite D loan, or C is right D loan (D may not be C is familiar, the loan requirement with perhaps be not taken good) . The solution is simple for it is A assures to B, b leaves protect case to give C, c loan gives D. If D does not return money, c chases after B, b chases after A.

Outside be being protected inside, borrow can derive all sorts of mixed pattern, the orgnaization of loan also orgnaization of dispute bank finance. But, capital is forbidden use at speculation activity, also cannot collect a churchyard.

Establish and buy fund

Establish and buy fund to divide a pace to go, also be to cross condition the traditional way that buys. Be used first and buy fund subsidiary to buy the mark outside the condition, repass cash + the kind that share ties buys the company mark to load appear on the market in the company.

Appear on the market company Mu Linsen took such route. In July 2016, limited company of operation of state-owned capital of city of IDG of Mu Linsen combination, justice black held water and buy fund harmony bright core. Bought fund to use appear on the market company + the mode of PE. Harmonious bright core photoelectricity and OSRAMGmbH, OSRAMSYLVANIAINC signed the subsidiary of bright core share buys an agreement, buy LEDVANCE total share to both. This year in March, buy fund subsidiary to be finished formally to the complete a business transaction outside the condition of LEDVANCE.

Appear on the market subsequently the company is released trade beforehand case, the way that Mu Linsen imitates to pay cash through issueing share to reach buys harmony the Ming Xinguang report that bright core and Zhuo Rui invest hold the equity of 100% , trade evaluate predicts to be 4 billion yuan of RMBs.

Civil / Cheng Jie of our newspaper reporter

Original title: In endowment exceed 15 billion to purchase the club outside the condition Beijing intermediary: ?   archives does not have editor of gallopping? responsibility: Read related Huang Jingwei: Li Min pick government of contest of intercontinental of 2017-07-18 of network address of club of Chinese government vermicelli made from bean starch is opposite pick of Li Min of the line on club of Chinese government vermicelli made from bean starch much home club leaves piece punish sheet: Be late 20 minutes to punish club of sufficient couplet of Europe of 10 thousand yuan of 2017-07-13 to rank: ? Ma Jingchao of? of thing Gang Qia cling to Sa resides Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of news of second banquet 2017-07-12

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