Mow too bright ” BASARA of the Warring States: Village of true cropland favour is passed ” the 2nd play premonitory

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Now, sky blocking general released make newly ” BASARA of the Warring States: Village of true cropland favour passes (Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-Den) ” the 2nd play premonitory. This making will land PS4 and PS3 platform, the story told about the legend career of village of true cropland favour, include the gut of his brother and father generation. In addition, the village of true cropland favour that blocked general sky to still affirm childhood version and a few fierce will be OK also as can hold accuse a part to come on stage, each player is admired together first premonitory.

Prevue basically was revealed can hold accuse part Zhen Tianchang to I hope (Sanada Masayuk) and true Tian Xinzhi (Sanada Nobuyuki) . A true Tian Changxing is times of Japanese the Warring States famous fierce will, it is the father that makes village of favour of leading role true cropland originally, it is him the firstborn son that true Tian Xing village skill education is; of generation famous general and true Tian Xinzhi is true Tian Changxing, because this is the long elder brother of village of true cropland favour.

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