Itinerary and infinite loop emphasizes social estate of politic and rather than ” Nadiya has come “

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A young rabbi discovered a kind of strange evidence, his located incident is having infinite circulation it seems that, every spend a century, time is met all and existent with the fact that is about to happen complete to erase. To prevent this endless circulation, he will set foot on adventure jointly with additionally two heroes itinerary.

Be in this ” Nadiya has come ” (Nadia Was Here) in, all weapon skill blackart cannot resemble other sport in wanton in that way abuse.

In ” Nadiya has come ” in, the player will not need to hit completely upgrade quite, need to finish specific job only, can obtain corresponding new mastery of a skill or technique and weapon, and skill of avery kind of and weapon will allot the effect with main wave in specific situation, the player must think adequately, appropriate weapon or mastery of a skill or technique are used in appropriate occasion, and the venture that cannot make a part cover follow-up that finish with what secure next with specific growing direction in that way like other RPG.

Do not cross this making to also allow a player to oneself most the mastery of a skill or technique that often uses undertakes aggrandizement, but the blackart dust that aggrandizement place needs can be gotten from frail enemy body only, understanding the measure that passes the blackart dust that can get so is finite, must choose carefully. Additional, the enemy is visible on the map, if the player embraces some skill weapons to do not have confidence at present to oneself, can choose desert forever.

The challenge of game basically comes from distinctive riddle element, the player encounters a large number of confusing to inscribe in the process lieutenant general that explores subterranean city, every confuse a problem to have his theme and mechanism.

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