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Ran is a kind very simple and the exercise with good effect, when to want to time can go out to run only no matter in the life at ordinary times ran, do not need to run how long, also do not need to run much further, it is OK to want him body to get taking exercise appropriately only, finishLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Not be professional unexpectedly. So, some friend ran when of asthma very fierce, have the feeling that a kind of breath does not come over, how be solved?

How is ran asthma solved badly?

1.Rein in speed

If we are novices, this often can appear the problem that breathes difficulty! So our ten million cannot too pursuit speed and distance, the rate that you run is rapidder, the distance is longer, to oxygen need1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Seek an amount bigger!

Our inspiratory at that time oxygen still can’t support the need of the body, if our requirement is exorbitant, often can appear breath is short, the problem of asthma, the experience of this special effect ran feels, a lot of people are because of this reason midway abandoned!

How is ran asthma solved badly?

We are so best rein in speed, not urgent, come slowly, let the body have an accommodative process! The body that just can invite us so gradually become strong, inspiratory oxygen is measured gradually grow in quantity!

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2.Much mode

Ran is a kind of very good motion having oxygen, butShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Motion having oxygen is not confined to ran only, we should adopt varied motion having oxygen to exercise our breathing muscle!

Swim for example, cycle, be good at go, the strength of these athletic way is not great, but add to breathing sarcousShanghai Long Feng forum

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Strong dispute often has profit, can accelerate the adaptability that we breathe to ran so, the breathing flesh that lets us is stronger and stronger!

How is ran asthma solved badly?

3.Enter rank training
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Actually we cannot ran of smooth bureau be confined to moves one kind this, do muscle strength training more, intermittence of attempt high strenth trains, these movements are very big to the wastage at oxygen, want us to hold to only, to us the promotion dispute of vital capacity often has profit!

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