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Respecting septicemia, very much person considers as a kind of blood the disease, actually septicemia is caused, the incidence of a disease of general dot is higher. So, is septicemia a kind of very serious illness? Actually yes, if dot suffers from septicemia, the body can bear very great anguish, and the cure rate of this kind of disease is not very tall, appear very easily death.

Child septicemia is serious

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Epticemia) it is to show pathogenic bacteria or conditional pathogenic bacteria invade blood circulation, grow in blood progenitive, the sex appeal of acute whole body that produce toxin and happens is caught. If invade the bacterium of blood stream to be kept clear of by place of function of human body defence, bacterium is called when having symptom of disease of apparently poisonous blood (Bacteriemia) . Septicemia companion has send sexual abscess more and course of diseases is longer person call disease of purulent poisonous blood (Pyemia) . Septicemia ifFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Control not quickly, can affect position by former hair to the body other position develops, cause move sex abscess. Abscess can happen in the surface of cerebrum, bring about meningitis, in the heartLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Dirty on the coating all round, cause pericarditis, happen on the film inside cardiac, cause endocarditis, if be in marrow, bring about osteomyelitis, in big joint, cause articulatory ache or arthritis. It is final because of the accumulation of purulent fluid inside body can form abscess anyplace, serious person produce infection sexual shock and migrate venereal kitchen.

Child septicemia is serious

The constitution of septicemia patient is poor, the symptom is heavy, the illness needs to last for some time, while reason is applying specially good effect to fight bacterium to treat, still need to notice complement all sorts of vitamins, energy mixture, even grain gives person blood albumin for many times (albumin) , serous or fresh complete blood is used up with compensatory airframe, supply energy, strengthen function of organ of nutrition, support, correct water and electrolyte in time disorder, maintain soda acid balance, maintain core condition to stabilize. When the disease of serious poison blood such as myositis of heart of shock, toxic sex is behaved, can grant step up medicine, strong heart drug and (or) short distance cortin. High fever is acuteness have a headache, irritating person can grant acetanilide and composed aconite. Need to strengthen nurse, the attention prevents afterwards to deliver make water of sexual stomatitis, pneumonic, secrete is infection and press sore to wait.

Child septicemia is serious

Defeating shock of courage and uprightness is factor of the toxin that produces by some kind of specific bacterium, cell cause septicemia to cause patient blood pressure to drop of minatory life low-level. Defeat shock of courage and uprightness common at the new student, the person of 50 years old of above, and the person that has immune function damage. If septicemia happens in leucocyte computation low patient is more dangerous, be like cancer patient, undertake the person that fight cancer to change cure, chronicFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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