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Article introduction

In pregnant seventeen weeks when, if appear the word of the problem of collywobbles, so female friends are to must take seriously those who rise. Because this may be the abdominal pain that causes because of place of physiology sex reason not only, also may be the abdominal pain that causes because of place of a few diseases. If be the word that pathology sex reason causes abdominal pain, need seasonable treatment. Method of the pathogeny of pregnant metaphase bellyacke, treatment and preventive introduce for everybody below!

Seventeen weeks of abdomen is fond of pregnant a bit

One, illBecause of

Bellyacke of 1. physiology sex

(1) be pregnant when 4 months are controlled, the uterus increases, at the same time uterine round ligament is pulled to pull, a lot of pregnant woman can feel some abdominal pain. This kind is aching, place is located in next abdominal uteruses more a side or bilateral, show drag in painful, blunt painful or secret anguish, go further1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The road perhaps alternates when the posture, aching meeting becomes more apparent. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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(2) when sex of pregnant metaphase travel too forcibly, also can cause pregnant woman abdominal pain.

2. disease is rational bellyacke

Gravid metaphase, fetal be brought up gradually, the pressure inside pregnant woman abdominal cavity also lifts subsequently. If the esophagus of pregnant woman cracks Kong Zengkuan, may appear ” esophagus cracks aperture hernia ” , consequently bellyacke. Right now bellyacke much companion has a bosom frowsty, be discouraged, bosom is painful, turn over the symptom such as acerbity, belch. Esophagus cracks aperture hernial occurence rate to there are 30% ~ about in pregnancy 50% , pregnant is terminal sometimesLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The symptom is more apparent.

Seventeen weeks of abdomen is fond of pregnant a bit

2, cure

1. lie in bed rests

When the feeling lumbar ache, abdominal straining feels heavy when shape waiting for different, suspend an activity in time, much lie in bed rests, notice observation, if notLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Can alleviate want timely seek medical advice to check; Avoid excessive overworked and acuteness activity, be pregnant is abortive tall hair inside 3 months period, answer to avoid sexual life as far as possible.

2. dietary daily life1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Appropriate eats much food less, eat too too too sweet, hot, sticky food less; Should not be smooth after the meal on lie in bed, unfavorable also lie too lowly, as far as possible little bow with reducing the stomach returns sick at heart; Maintain defecate unobstructed. If discover symptom of gastric ministry countercurrent, but drive up of upper part of the body 20 ° are controlled. Current of if satiety is painful appearance of companion vagina coffee, Brown blood goes out, need to see a doctor in time, have treatment according to doctor’s advice.

Seventeen weeks of abdomen is fond of pregnant a bit

3, precaution

Reasonable and prandial can absorb a few tall cellulose and fresh vegetable and fruit more, nutrition is balanced, include the indispensible nutriment such as protein, candy, adipose, vitamin, microelement and prandial fiber, element of meat or fish is tie-in, feed content breed diversity, produce the complementary effect of material of the nutrition between food adequately, very helpful to preventing pregnant metaphase abdominal pain.

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