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Darling in the body after be born each respect still is in those who be in development during, during this the resistance of darling body is lower, and allergy of darling occurrence milk also is a kind of very common circumstance, generalForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The immune power system among darling body does not have complete development place to bring about, can detect through allergic source the allergic source that will examine baby, notice the food of darling more at ordinary times.

How does darling milk allergy investigate allergic source

How does darling milk allergy investigate allergic source?

Can cause human body to produce the material of allergic reaction, the name that there is a major in medicine is called allergen, the consequence that allergic hair should cause has have gently heavy, so everybody must not despise its existence, to can reduce the harm that this reaction brings, parent friend had better take the child to undertake to the hospital allergen is checked, the germ place talent that finds allergy prevents effectively

Darling investigates allergic source

The child that does not arrive one year old does not suit to check allergic source, because of 1 year old inShanghai dragonSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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the child, immune system is being built slowly, mature, the change during this is very slow, do detect also react do not come out. Any examinationsShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Have a dividing line, it is electronegative in bounds, exceeding limit is electropositive. Do not advocate allergy weak point checks allergic source at the child of half an year commonly so, because allergic course of the child is too short, had not reached the level of allergic positive probably, but not be to say he is not allergic.

How does darling milk allergy investigate allergic source

How does the child check allergen

1, food records a law: Take every months of place food sort is like rice, egg, shrimp, chicken, cucumber, tomato to wait, feedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Time (moonish, day, when wait for) , time of nettle rash happening tries to record one by one.

2, the skin experiments: Can make this kind of inspection in skin specialized subject or breathing division commonly, the method is simple, children is not afflictive also. With empty needle inspiratory contain the skin such as milk, rice, soja to try juice, many bits of thorn are done to be able to observe a variety of alimental allergy react in place of the upper arm.

But because food is in,the assimilation inside body is absorbed complex, the physiology of place happening, biochemistry changes, can not mirror in the process entirely, because of this result that reach, although be electropositive, also need to undertake clinical integration analysis causes allergic food with whether be certainly finally.

How does darling milk allergy investigate allergic source

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The process of allergen is complex, also need proper latency time, from inside the introduction of above paragraphs we can are informed, the darling of 3 months does not suit to do allergen to check, because right now the child is lying of immune system in building, if this moment is determined to let the child do allergy to detect, the result also does not have any referenced sexes, so parent friends should realise this.

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