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Article introduction

The turn of life, it is the female is after menopause actually, a series of different that because endocrine is disorder,appear at daily behavior. The time that actually the turn of life exists is not very long, if very much female notices the word of daily recuperation, so 2 months left and right sides can spend the turn of life smoothly. A lot of females can ask about: Doesn’t the turn of life come how does official holiday do? Actually, the turn of life arrives, the female stops official holiday.

 The turn of life does not come how does official holiday do

The turn of life is to point to a woman from bear period a paragraph of period that transfers to old age, it is the period that ovarian function ebbs gradually. Only then at 40 years old, 10-20 of last a period of time yearLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, menopause is important sign. During this, because sex hormone secretes a quantity to decrease, appear with plant nerveShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The function is maladjusted the disease that give priority to group, say the turn of life is asked for integratedly. This disease is in mood of hidebound, spirit is not stable reach operation, radiative cure to make ovarian function loses estrogen level to drop rapid person incidence of a disease is high, and symptom also more serious.

 The turn of life does not come how does official holiday do

Clinical expression

1. menstruation is disorder: Menstrual cycle is lengthened, via measuring drop off; Or menstrual cycle shortens, via estimating increase; Or periodic1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, quantity of period, classics does not plan; Or stop abruptly classics.

2. is clonic hectic fever, perspire, companion has a headache, giddy, heart-throb, bosom is frowsty, disgusting etc.

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The thought is not centered, the mental nerve symptom such as curb of easy excited, insomnia, much Lv, gloomy.

4. reproduction organ is different rate decline1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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5. breast prolapse, atrophic, frequent micturition, urinary incontinence.

6. is backache of osteoporosis, waist, easy fracture.

 The turn of life does not come how does official holiday do

Diagnose differentiate

1. happens in 45 years old of above more, menstruation irregular or amenorrhoea, hectic fever, perspire, palpitation, easy the symptom such as excited, insomnia or gloomy curb.

2. reproduction organ and secondary sex characteristic have different level atrophy.

Estrogen of 3. make water, blood is reduced, close to follicular element and corpus luteum generate element to lift apparently.

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