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Zhi is verrucous this kind of circumstance present incidence of a disease becomes taller and taller, this also makes a lot of patients become very pained accordingly, should want to take the therapy of sex of a few whole bodies relatively so, the disease that just can let oneself so appears the evidence that improve, can drink material of a few Chinese traditional medicine for example, included among them board La Gen, daqingxie and Wu Mei, these common Chinese traditional medicine material is to have certain remedial effect.

 The evidence that Zhi wart improves

Current remedial method includes the whole bodyShanghai noble baby communicatesForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Cure, local medication, physical cure and acupuncture cure. The patient should head for normal hospital to have make a diagnosis and give treatment.

1. whole body is treated

(Chinese traditional medicine of 1) traditional Chinese medical science connects blood of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, harmonic gas with raising blood to make the same score liver, invigorate the circulation of blood, detoxify of invigorate the circulation of blood, soft firm to treat law.

Law ① a thousand pieces of gold is treated to come loose outside 1) one day and night immerses in brine of place of meat of smoked plum of ② of local apply; , smash the record that it is mud, every time equisetum of ③ of; of affected part of a few apply, sweet add, board La Gen, Wu Mei, the root of Chinese clematis. , Daqingxie, decoct leach bubble has a department. Daily 1 agent, but answer broken bits again decoct, every agent immerses 2 ~ 3, every time 30 minutes.

2) orders besmear verrucous system, reoccupy adhesive plaster seals a bag.

Proposal: Zhi wart is caused by infection of human body virus, do not suggest to use the remedial method of traumatic sex.

(2) interferon.

(3) treats vaccine.

 The evidence that Zhi wart improves

2. is local medication

The 1 ~ after most verrucous patient is coming on subsidise of proper motion of 2 years of internal energy, because the curative effect of all sorts of this pair of verrucous local cure is evaluated,answer particularly discreet, unfavorable to a few therapeutics that can create permanent scar use.

3. physics is treated

Treatment of refrigerant therapeutics, electric bright therapeutics, laser, infra-red and caky cure applies to amount little Zhi is verrucous.

4. acupuncture is treated

Wart of Zhi of igneous acupuncture cure goes easily simply, get effective faster, have certain curative effect.

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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks thisShanghaiFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Disease becomes estranged because of enraging blood more, cou manage is not close, the evil outside answer feeling, condense skin, or because of anger move irascibility, dry of liver flourishing blood, muscle arteries and veins not flourish, as a result enrages hematic move sluggishly, press press of together with sufficient bottom reachs attrition, and produce rash. Modern medicine thinks Zhi is verrucous by virus of human tit tumour (HPV) place is caused. A kind be common wart.

 The evidence that Zhi wart improves

Infect be caused by through direct contact (also oneself contacts) , traumatic with cellular immunity function low or blemish also is important formerLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Because of. Virus of human tit tumour can pass cutaneous petty damaged and direct have an inoculation is infected, leather damage is accordingly increasing, get the friction of force and shoe everyday plus sufficient ministry, accentuate thereby illness, make cure rises difficulty is increased.

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