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Article introduction

Actually although tea is good drink, but it has a lot of food in the life is photograph gram, so everybody must clear up the food that digests with tea photograph what to have before drinking tea. This fruit sees banana in the eye in many people will have stimulative digestive function, and eat banana to still conduce to female hairdressing raising more colour, so banana is a very pretty good fruit. But after a person is eating banana, can still continue to drink teaLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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 Eat banana to be able to drink tea

Can banana and green tea eat together

Can eat

Banana nutrition is rich, contain a lot ofprotein, crude fibre, calcic, phosphor, iron to wait.

Everyday edible: Can embellish bowel is aperient, still can reduce apoplectic, hypertensive happening.

Constant drink green tea: Can prevent cancer, fall hematic fat.

Those who want an attention is

If be intestines and stomach better, very few diarrhoea even costive person, can green tea and banana eat together.

If not be the person with particularly nice intestines and stomach, do not suggest so eat. Because green tea is of cold cool property, banana brings about slippery bowel easily. Two kinds of material eat at the same time, cause intestines and stomach easily unwell, diarrhoea, the influence is healthy, make intestines and stomach more frail.

 Eat banana to be able to drink tea

The effect effect of banana green tea

(1) can riseFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The disease-resistant ability of the body

Banana green tea is a kind of tea that makes for main raw material with banana and green tea is tasted, contain in the banana that it uses a variety of vitamins and mineral, still have a variety of carbohydrate additionally, people is drinkable after this kind of tea is tasted, can become these nutrition quickly cent is suckedShanghai Long Feng forum

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Close and use, can increase the disease-resistant capacity of person body.

(2) can reduce weight thin body

Reduce weight one of main effect that thin body also is banana green tea, there is many prandial thread in banana, can promote the eduction of rubbish of the stockpile inside human body, and green tea can decompose human body inside redundant and adipose, outside letting them be changed into moisture to follow style of relieve oneself eduction, often drinkable, can hold the body, also can have pretty good effect reducing weight.

(3)Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Can prevent gentle to solve constipation

Banana contains a lot of fiber, can stimulate peristalsis of intestines and stomach, increase volume of excrement and urine, help defecate. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine reminds hollow and unfavorable eat banana.

(4) can prevent or treat hypertension

Because rich potassium is contained in banana, can make cross much sodium ion eduction, make blood pressure is reduced. Another falls the ion of blood pressure is calcic, if cut banana,become a small so, put into fruit juice machine to hit divide evenly together with the milk that contains a lot ofcalcium to pledge, became a cup of first-rate to fight hypertensive fruit juice. Green tea also has step-down, fall the effect of fat.

 Eat banana to be able to drink tea

The bubble law of banana green tea

The bubble way of banana green tea is very simple, everybody can prepare a banana, 5 grams green tea, and right amount honey, prepare right amount boiling water again additionally. After preparing the teacup, put green tea into the teacup, take out banana again pulp is pressed into slimy shape, in putting a teacup develop bubble into boiling water finally, drop in temperature after bubble is good, honey is joined after drink in order to smooth can.

How is banana green tea saved

If use fresh banana to be made frothily with green tea, be about namely bubble namely drink, do not put too long whenForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Between, because banana is exposed for long,blacken, flavour and nutrition can suffer an effect. If be to use dry banana piece bubble with green tea tea, what need to assure raw material only is dry went, do not put in sunshine point-blank the place with high temperature, had better be to deposit be in shady and cool and dry place.

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