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If somebody is long-standing the word of costive phenomenon, ought to eat more a few conduce toShanghai Long Feng forum

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Digestive food, because constipation is opposite actually,body of a person is affected very big, long-term constipation lets the toxin accumulation inside body easily. And carrot regards content of a kind of carotene as extremely tall vegetable, it can regard as not only entree is used, it still can be added in a few dish to regard as distribute food. After but be in,eating carrot, can you have aperient effect? Forum of Shanghai night net

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Carrot is aperient

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The turnip can treat constipation really, because carrot contains rich cellulose,this basically is. Cellulose but adsorptive and many moisture, increase amount of excrement and urine, stimulative bowel wriggles, those who accelerate excrement and urine excrete, rise to study costive effect. But with when carrot is aperient, when eating a law to follow remedial diarrhoea, differ, had better eat raw.

Eat carrot mouthfeel raw pretty good, fragile fragile sweet, let among them water-solubility vitamin and calcium, phosphor, iron easily still wait mineral be absorbed by human body. Do not like to eat directly, also can drink some of carrot juice that delicacy extracts.

Take carrot, abluent, husk, cut small; to be put into juicer, add clear water, extract juice with juicer, join honey agitate to be fed namely, take 3 days repeatedly. This method can remove embellish bowel aperientForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, the action that discharges poison, constipation of prevention and cure.

Carrot is aperient

A few value of carrot:

⒈ advantageous health is macrobian

Carrot is had go phlegmy, disappear is fed, except the effect that bilge and plays gas to breathe heavily surely. Relevant test result proves, the α in carrot – carotene provides some to restrain tumor cell is β – of carotene of 10 times, and to preventing ribonucleic acid of DNA(to oxigenate) unusual change effect is very powerful also.

There is research discovery early before more than 10 years, the α in blood – of caroteneShanghai noble baby

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Concentration is higher, the heart disease risk that bears the person that try is lower. Accuse what central researcher is as long as 14 years to dog according to American disease findings discovery, the α in blood – the person with carotene higher content has longer life.

α – the food with carotene highest content is carrot. In pumpkin, orange, orange, α – the content of carotene is higher also. α – carotene is not afraid that high temperature evaporate is boiled, put carrot in broth to boil, want to drink even boiling water only, can not cause α – the apparent loss of carotene. Contrary, ripe have ability more those who be helpful for each sort carotene absorb, as long as a few grease can achieve the result that absorbs adequately.

Carrot is aperient

⒉ prevents hemal sclerosis, reduce blood pressure to reach reduce heart disease

Contain in caroteneSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Naphthol of element of Mongolian oak skin, hill can increase flow of coronary artery blood, reduce hematic fat, the synthesis of stimulative adrenalin, have the effect of step-down strong heart consequently. Amber acerbity sylvite is contained in carrot, conduce to prevent hemal sclerosis, reduce cholesterol to reach have the effect that reduces blood pressure.

The folic acid in carrot, can reduce coronary heart disease to deliver pathogeny vegetable. Hypertensive person drink carrot after juice, have very good step-down effect. Take the crowd of more carrot, compare the crowd that takes less carrot, heart disease exemple decreases almost 50% .

⒊ enhances immune function

Carotene can transform inside body vitamin A, conduce to the immune function that enhances airframe, main effect is had in the process that prevents epithelial canceration. The lignin in carrot also can enhance airframe immunity power, indirect kill cancer cell

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